Main Rule

In making a character in The World Begins With You, there are rules that need to be followed in order for your works will be accepted. They are the following:

Full Star.svg Be Creative at your most limit. Uniqueness makes your work original. No vandals and all.
Rename Made from Make. Each cannot "continue" any character that are made already. (Example, Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail) Though, each can copy any pictures to illustrate a certain character you made.
Lock Icon Taken is not Tekken. If the character you have, or the character's picture and magic is already made, you cannot have it; nor you cannot use any rights to have it. Fair and Square. No fighting and all.

Primary Rule
As the main plot says, the are three people who started their journey. People Who Started Their Own World (aka, The World Begins With You.)

Now, you will have a choice. A choice that you can never undo. Either on your choice, you will be joining one of them, though not entirely with them (since it will be based of what person you joined). Don't worry, your magic, personality, appearance and some-all is decided by you. But maybe fate is holded by the party you're in.

The choices are just three.
God, Time, or Memory.
Just pick one and let your character be with you.